January 2, 2015

Can you believe it’s 2015 already!?  Where has the time gone!?
This year has been a whirlwind filled with change and excitement here at the spa.  We know your lives have been filled with memorable experiences, as well.  We want to thank everyone for staying by our side during the transition into West Meadow Spa (I swear our sign will be here by the end of the month.  Seriously!) and we are thrilled to see what the new year brings!  But here is what we’re offering at the spa this January!  See below for sales and specials!!  HAPPY 2015!


Drinking De La Terre Skincare herbal teas is a beautiful way to keep your body in rhythm with the energic elements of winter, spring, summer, late summer and fall.  Each tea is formulated to support the body as it transitions from one season to the next.

Comforts Inflamed Tea is also a healthy approach to supporting the body during the harsh months of Winter. 
Drink 1-3 cups a day or use in a calming bath or face wash.

Comforts Inflamed Tea is formulated to soothe and support inflammatory skin conditions that become painful, sensitive and vulnerable. Comforts Inflamed Tea is recommended for rosacea, sunburns, over-chemicalized skins or oncology patients.


  • Reduces redness dramatically
  • Soothes discomfort associated with inflammation
  • Boosts skin’s immune response
  • Strengthens fragile capillaries
  • Protects skin cells from environmental stressors
  • Disarms harmful bacteria which cause inflammation
  • Products are acceptable for oncology patients undergoing chemotherapy



Jewelry by Neely We’ve got some super fun, spunky, locally made necklaces and earrings by jewelry maker Neely Cardwell.  She’s got more fans than ever, now!  Have you spotted her jewelry around town!?  Necklaces $20, Earrings $15.


Reed Diffusers 15% OFF!  We have 4 delicious holiday scents of reed diffusers by Sambuca Modern Apothecary.  These locally crafted blends are made with 100% pure essential oils and are guaranteed to fill your space with a scent that everyone in your family will enjoy.  Regularly $36, on special for $30.  Orange Cardamon | Vanilla Peppermint | Spruce Fir | Cinnamon Clove   * While supplies last.

Dry, cracked, itchy, uncomfortable skin… it’s winter.  It’s dry.  It’s not fun.  We have many oils and moisturizers that are perfect for this time of year in Wilmington.  We’ve got scents that are ideal for men, too!  Products like lotions, body oils, hand creams and the always adored Lip Care Stick by Dr. Hauschka – these products will keep your skin nourished and hydrated from the outside.  And don’t forget to drink plenty of water and tea to keep your body hydrated from the inside.  And think about running a humidifier in your home to keep moisture in the air while the heat is running, keeping you warm but drying the air.

If you feel really lost with how to help your skin, just make an appointment with Tracy and she’ll get your skin back on track.  Try the Beauty Basics facial for $60 or the Radiance Exfoliating facial with massage for $80.  Or stop in any time during normal business hours and we’ll talk with you and match you up with the perfect product!


Reviews are important in the world.  Reviews let you know the best products to buy, the best shops to frequent, the right places YOU want to go.  For any client who takes the time to leave us a review will be rewarded.  No good deed goes unnoticed…

How to leave a review:
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We’re all about gentle detoxes and feeling healthy this year!  See below for skin care and massage specials that revolve around detoxing/lymph stimulation.  And as always, your first massage with Rusty or Trish is at a reduced price!  Book your first appointment and save!

Electro Lymphatic Drainage $55 – Save $10!
Lymphatic drainage helps to assist the body in healing. This treatment can be useful after surgery, a car accident related injury, or sports injury.  It’s also ideal for reducing puffy eyes, yielding a more youthful appearance.  The lymphatic system is our body’s fluid transport system.  Draining lymph restores and detoxifies cells, expediting the healing process.  This 50 minute treatment will be relaxing while a current of sound and light energy penetrates through the skin and begins to break up the congestion and stagnation through the Lymphatic System.  For any inquiries, please call and ask for Rusty, our EMT licensed therapist. 

Detox and Balance Massage & Facial Special  $115 – Save $20!
This package includes a 60 minute massage, customized to your individual needs plus a 60 minute De La Terre facial and foot bath.  This package is geared towards pulling toxins from the body while supporting the circulation of lymph and allowing the central nervous system to move into a sedative state, lowering blood pressure and leading you towards wellness.  Services are approximately 2 hours total.

Buy 2 Bikini Waxes – Get the 3rd Half Price! $62 – Save $13!
Now is the time to start prepping your body for summer!  Regular waxing now will make your hair thinner and more sparse come bikini season.  Waxing appointments are ideally spaced approximately 4 weeks apart.

De La Terre Facial & Bonus Detox Belly Pack with Tracy $80
This 1 hour De La Terre facial can be customized for any skin type, but is especially good for skin that is inflamed, compromised or dehydrated.  Healing gemstones are used to release toxins and aid lymph through the body.  The belly back utilizes DLT herbal clay to further detox the body and reduce excess fluid in the abdomen.  This is the perfect post-holiday treatment to kick off the new you!

60 Minute Relaxing Massage with Rusty $70 – Save $5!
Melt your stress away with a one hour massage incorporating hot stones (not normally included in 60 minute massages) and a dedicated 10 minute foot massage.  If you want absolute bliss, this is an amazing deal!

30 Minute Scalp & Foot Treatment with Trish $40
This special January featured treatment is an ideal way to de-stress during your lunch break or before getting the kids from school, this mostly-clothed massage focuses on your feet and scalp.  Dr. Hauschka oils will revitalize your skin awhile you rest.