Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy




The Classic Massage

Incorporates soothing heated stones and warm steamy towels, the classic massage takes relaxing to the next level. Balance your mind and body by loosening tight muscles and calming your nervous system. Includes a Sambuca aromatherapy blend to further enchance the tranquil experience. Add on gentle facial medicupping and you’ll really drift away.

30 minutes | $50

60 minutes | $80

90 minutes | $110

120 minutes | $135


The Therapeutic Massage 

A deep-tissue therapeutic massage utilizes Neuromuscular Therapy techniques, and may also incorporate stretching, trigger point work, or focus only on 1 to 3 specific areas as customized to your needs. This inlcudes hot stones, hot towels and possibly Dr. Hauschka’s Arnica Body Oil, Farmaesthetics Lavender Menthol Rub, or a Sambuca aromatherapy blend to further relax your muscles. Perfect for sports injuries, repetitive motion issues, or anyone who enjoys deeper pressure. Excellent when paired with massage medicupping.

30 minutes | $55

60 minutes | $95

90 minutes | $125

120 minutes | $155

Heaven and Earth

Deeply relax tight muscles- first with soothing hot stone,s then with medicupping on the back, neck, and shoulders. This massage is finished with gentle face lifting & draining medicupping and foot massage.

75 minutes | $95

Sinus and Soles

Enjoy a 30 minute therapeutic foot massage with peppermint lotion, followed by another 30 minutes of gentle facial medicupping. This helps stimulate the movement of lymph and inflammation from the face and sinus’, tighten collagen, reduce wrinkles and more.

60 minute | $80




This technique uses glass cups to lift and separate tissues, helping to pull out inflammation, reduce pain and muscle tension, soften adhesions and internal or external scar tissue, drain sinuses and lessen solid bloat. The service can be experienced as a stand alone treatment, or added onto any service. Leaves muscles relaxed and loosened. How fluid does your body feel?

One Area | 30 minutes | $50

Two – Three Areas | 60 minutes | $80

Full Body | 90 minutes | $110

Added on to Classic Massage with No Additional Time | $15




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