Male Focused

Any service is suitable for a man, but here are some that are gentlemen specific.


A basic skin care routine can take only a few extra minutes each day, yet yield noticeable results, providing you with a healthy, fresh appearance.  Regular facials given by a licensed esthetician will invigorate your skin, while you keep things on track with your at-home regimen.  Some men take advantage of these services and receive a facial once a month, while others prefer to get one quarterly, or with the change of the seasons.  You and your esthetician can decide the best frequency for your skin to guarantee a well groomed appearance.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care has a strong following among men who care about the health of their skin–and the ingredients in their personal care products. The subtle scents of their natural skin care products appeal to men, as do the natural, earthy scents in De La Terre products.  Never “fru-fru fragrant”, the array of products by De La Terre are like medicine for your skin, and your skin will thank you.

Want an idea of what to expect? Check out this GQ article by Jeff Vrabel HERE!



Man Up Facial | 50 minutes | $65
Ideal for men’s thicker skin and sensitivity from razor bumps, this facial deep cleanses pores, utilizes hot aromatic towels and includes neck, shoulder and scalp massage.

Men’s Detox and Tone Microderm | 75 minutes | $90
This treatment will detox and clarify skin leaving you looking and feeling fresh.  Deep pore cleansing, extractions, neck, shoulder and scalp massage and hydrating mask are included with the 30 minutes of microdermabrasion to clear dead skin layers, revealing healthier skin.



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Brow trim  |  $15
Ear wax  |  $15
Back wax  |  $40
Chest wax  |  $40


Therapeutic Massage
This deep tissue massage utilizes hot stones and hot towels and is ideal for preventing sports related injuries by keeping the body fluid.  The therapeutic massage also promotes healing to any injured or sore areas using various modalities and incorporating stretching, this massage will strengthen your body towards optimum wellness.
30 Minutes | $55
60 Minutes | $95
90 Minutes | $125
120 Minute | $155



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