Skin Care

Skin Care: Facial Treatments



All facials begin with a skin consultation.  Whether you’re a new client at West Meadow or if you’re a long time client who hasn’t come in for a while, Tracy will discuss your current concerns and goals about your skin to create the most effective action plan for you to feel comfortable implementing into your routine.

Radiance Exfoliating Facial | 75 minutes | $90
We begin with warm aromatic towels and a gentle cleansing.  An enzyme exfoliant follows, to soften and prepare the skin for extractions.  Finishing with a nourishing massage and skin specific mask.

Beautiful Facial & Peel | 90 minutes | $125
For the young and beautiful of all ages!  Powerful fruit enzymes full of antioxidants exfoliate, brighten, detoxify and smooth, leaving skin luminous and hydrated.  Includes massage, extractions and mask.

Beauty Basics | 45 minutes | $65
A customized treatment for those on the go or those hitting the books.  This treatment is perfect for balancing teenage skin!  Includes exfoliation, extractions, high frequency (to fight bacteria) and a mask.

Pregnancy Facial  | 45 minutes | $65
Short express facial for a pregnant mama.  Are hormones changing your complexion?  Are you experiencing dryness or acne or changes in pigmentation?  This facial will bring you relief.  Includes scalp massage.

Man Up Facial | 50 minutes | $65
Hot towels, deep pore cleansing and moisturizer leave skin feeling fresh.  Also included is a neck, shoulder and scalp massage.

Men’s Detox & Tone Microderm | 75 minutes | $90
This treatment will detox and clarify skin leaving you looking and feeling fresh.  Deep pore cleansing, extractions, neck, shoulder and scalp massage and hydrating mask are included with 30 minutes of microdermabrasion to clear dead skin layers, revealing healthier skin.



Dr. Hauschka Classic Treatment | 2 hours | $160
This luxurious holistic treatment is unique to the skin care industry.  This calming of the body, mind and spirit, starts with a warm sage foot bath and lymph stimulation on arms and legs to support a sense of peace and well-being.  Biodynamic plant essences are applied for cleansing, exfoliation and hydration.  Gentle stimulation of the lymphatic system of the face and decollete aids the health of your skin and lifts the spirits.

Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Treatment | 75 minutes | $120
Reveal your radiance with this deep cleansing treatment.  First, a warm foot bath draws energy and stress away from the head.  Warm aromatherapy compresses cleanse the skin.  The clay mask is applied to absorb excess oil and lymph is stimulated with gentle brush strokes.

De La Terre Facial | 60 minutes | $75  | $180 for Package of 3 + Starker Kit
This facial is formulated to sooth and support fragile, compromised and inflammatory skin conditions which can become painful, sensitive and vulnerable.  Ideal for rosacea, chemotherapy, chemical burns or sunburn.  The service time for oncology patients will vary depending on the individual – between 30 to 60 minutes.



Eye Treatment | 15 minutes | $25
Revitalize the eye area with Eye Revive, cooling stones and restorative eye gel.  This treatment helps to reduce puffiness and minimize fine lines.  Eyes feel rested and renewed.

Scalp and Foot Treatment | 55 minutes | $60
Starts with a warm sage foot bath to cleanse and nurture, then feet are exfoliated and massaged.  Scalp is massaged to release tightness and tension.  Option to apply Dr. Hauschka’s Hair Lotion to cool and balance scalp is available.

Abdominal Sculpting Belly Pack | 30 minutes | $40
This treatment is geared towards reducing excess fluid in the abdomen with the use of lymph stimulating herbal infused clay and tea pack.  Supportive of a variety of conditions such as bloating, IBS, colitis and stretch marks.  Makes a great add on to any facial!



Full Microderm | 90 minutes | $130 | $345 for Package of 3
This is an effective treatment to improve the appearance of pigmentation, scarring and wrinkles.  Effectively polishes away dead skin layers to expose healthier skin and promote new growth.  Includes fruit enzyme peel, extractions, massage and mask.  A series of 3 treatments spaced approximately 3 weeks apart will produce very effective results.  Depending on the skin, more than 3 treatments may be necessary before switching over to regular maintenance treatments approximately every 6 weeks.

Mini Microderm | 30 minutes | $65
A shorter treatment including cleansing, microderm and moisturizing.

Body Microderm | 90 minutes | $120
Support the cellular turnover of the skin on the chest, arms and back.  Ideal for aging or photo damaged skin.



Beautiful Bare Back | 45 minutes | $60
This treatment includes steam, antioxidant rich scrub, massage and a deep cleansing mask.  Includes extractions if needed.  Walk out of this back treatment radiant and ready to be seen!  Perfect for the spring and summer months.

Stimulating Antioxidant Body Polish | 60 minutes | $70
Your body is dry brushed to stimulate the lymphatic system, followed with warm aromatic compresses and a skin smoothing antioxidant body polish which is applied to exfoliate and smooth skin.  Lastly, hydrating lotion is applied to the skin.



Hair is at it’s optimum length for waxing when it’s between 1/4 and 1/2 inch.  It’s best to avoid applying creams or lotions to the areas being waxed on the day of your appointment.  Waxing appointments are ideally spaced 4-6 weeks apart.  It’s best to avoid shaving between appointments as that will alter your appointment timing and may result in a more painful wax as the root as had an opportunity to grow stronger.  It’s recommended that you avoid friction such as tight clothes, as well as sunbathing or tanning for the next 24 hours after your waxing appointment.

Brow Shaping | $15

Lip | $10

Chin | $10

Cheeks | $20

Full Face | $45

Underarms | $20

Bikini | $25

Brazilian | $55

Chest | $40

Back | $40

Full Arms | $25

Full Legs | $55

Half Legs | $30

Toes | $10

Brow Wax & Tint | $30

Brow Tinting | $15

Lash Tinting | $25