Pregnancy Services

Pregnancy Services



Every mama knows that what goes on your body is just as important as what goes inside during the formative months of baby, and on into breastfeeding.  All products used at West Meadow Spa are safe for use during pregnancy.  Many of the products you are currently using for yourself are essential for baby, too.


Pregnancy Facial  | 45 minutes | $60
Short express facial for a pregnant mama.  Are hormones changing your complexion?  Are you experiencing dryness or acne or changes in pigmentation?  This facial will bring you relief.  Includes scalp massage.



De La Terre Skin Care
The entire De La Terre line of products are safe during and post-pregnancy.The best formula for pregnant moms are the Comforts products. Included in this line are a cleanser, clay, tea, oil and mist.  The mist can even be used as an inhalant to reduce anxiety.  Simply spray into the air and inhale deeply. The Vital Repair Balm can be used on the belly to prevent stretch marks. It can also be used around the nipple during nursing, around the infant’s mouth if irritation occurs due to nursing, and the baby’s buttocks for diaper rash. The Comforts Tea can be used for cradle cap and diaper rash, as well.  Some mothers have even birthed their child in a very diluted solution of the Comforts Tea.
Purifies and Support teas should be consumed in small quantities; such as 2 cups every 3 days.

Dr. Hauschka
All Dr. Hauschka products and ingredients are evaluated to the highest quality and safety standards and regulations. These mild, safe and gentle products have been relied upon by mothers for decades.
Blackthorn Body Oil is ideal for supporting elasticity. This oil helps to  minimize the appearance of stretch marks due to weight loss or gain.  The Renewing Night Conditioner helps balance and calm skin post-pregnancy, restoring harmony during periods of skin imbalance or transition.  And the herbal solution in Eye Revive soothes and renews tired, puffy eyes, if you’ve been up throughout the night tending to little one.
For baby, the Moor Lavender Bath is perfect for bath time.  This peaceful promoting bath essence calms skin while the lavender will help prepare for a night of rest.  The Rose Nurturing Body Wash is a soap-free cleanser that is mild enough for baby’s skin.  It cleans and nurtures delicate skin without drying.  The Rose Body Oil balances, calms and nourishes—perfect for sealing in moisture after a bath. Baby’s skin is replenished and silky-smooth.  While baby is on the changing table, Rose Day Cream has natural soothing properties, making it perfect for changing time, protecting baby’s skin from dryness while nurturing sensitive skin and the silky-smooth Body Silk Powder nurtures skin, keeping it dry and refreshed while providing a light, clean scent from botanical blends

If you have any concerns about using any product or ingredient while pregnant or nursing, we encourage you to discuss it with your doctor.


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